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Help compiling 3CR990-TX-97 driver...

I have installed Debian three times previously, but I've always been able to
install from the internet using 'compact' floppy kernel.  Well, I don't know
of ANY linux distribution that has a ready-to-use driver for the 3Com
3CR990-TX-97 server-class NIC, but 3Com offers the source code and a '.h'
file for download.

Following the compile instructions in the README file, I notice the
command-line calls for something from '/usr/src/linux/include', which does
not exist on my system.  I have downloaded and decompressed the 2.2.19
kernel source beneath '/usr/src'.  Is it acceptable to replace the 'linux'
directory with the 'kernel-source-2.2.19' directory in the gcc command-line?

The README compile instructions also call for the use of
'/usr/include/linux/modversions.h' in the command-line options, and although
that path does exist on my system; there is no such file as modversions.h on
my system.


I am familiar with getting around on the command-line, vi, and dselect, but
I have never successfully compiled anything on a linux system.  Any help in
getting my network driver compiled and working would be greatly appreciated.

I have all 3 CDs from the 'woody' release.

- Carl Fenley

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