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Re: Building own deb

Jens Kubieziel said:
> Hi,
> is there somewhere one the net a howto/tutorial etc. on how-to build a
> deb-file from source. I run Debian woody and want to upgrade
> Spamassassin. I don't want to go the Debian-way and take the package from
> unstable. So I thought I take the original source and make a deb. --

the versions of spamassassin in testing and unstable are the same
versions from what I see on packages.debian.org

I would STRONGLY reccomend going the debian way where possible it will
make life much easier.

since spamassassin is perl based it is very easy to build the testing
version on woody. There is no point in grabbing the unstable version
for testing since they are the same versions.

unless your looking for a version that is not in unstable?

I built spamassassin from testing on woody about 2 weeks ago and it
has been running fine since, about maybe 12,000 messages processed
sofar. you'll also need to build a perl smtp module from testing
as well, but since it's perl its very easy, no dependencies.

if your still feeling crazy and want to try to make a deb on
your own the official guide looks to be here:


a shortcut would be to make a .tar.gz file and use alien to convert
it to .deb (or create a .rpm and convert to .deb with alien). this isn't
the 'proper' way though. I use this way as a last resort.


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