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Re: exim mailserver

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 08:56:10AM -0500, ZZ wrote:
> I want to setup a mailserver, like the servers an ISP has. I have exim
> installed and it delivers and recieves mail just fine. I have a static
> IP and a domain. I also have uw-imapd-ssl running , which is really
> neat. I can read email over ssl links from anywhere on the net with
> mozilla-mail, outlook express, etc.
> But this is only half of the deal. I can't send email from my email
> clients because exim rejects the mail, saying it won't relay email. So
> what I want is to have exim ask for a login password, and if possible do
> this over an ssl connection too.
> At first I tried using PAM, but nothing I did effected exim, then I
> noticed in my exim.conf I found some lines about setting up
> authentication but I can't quite get it working. Are there any guides on
> this? I really want to set this up using SSL since most of the email
> logins will also be shell logins, so sending those logins unencrypted
> seems like a bad idea.
> Is there anykind of a guide I can read? I tried searching google, but I
> get lots of stuff not related to what I want to do, and the NAG has some
> info, but not on having smpt password login.
> Any clues would be helpful, I've been playing with this for a couple of
> weeks now, but I haven't made a lot of progress. Thanks!
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Maybe I've figured this out, today I found sslwrap which can ssl-ify my
smtp connection if I can get that password authentication stuff to work.
The info in /usr/share/docs/exim/ does talk about it, but not much.

This would work, but it would allow somone to use the regular clear-text
smpt port to authenticate with exim. So if someone does not know to use
the s-smtp port 465 then people could sniff valid logins to MY box. I
can't shutdown port 25, because then I would not be able to get
incomming email.

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