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Re: spamassassin locales

Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
On Sun, 03 Nov 2002 the mental interface of Tom Allison told:

The documentation supplied with the spamassassin package was a bit skimpy.

Can someone post some examples of user-pref files where I can limit my content to us_locales? or remove these pictographic languages (chinese, korean, japanese...) from my mail?

cd /usr/share/spamassassin


where user contains:

cat 10_misc.cf > user_pref && \
cat 20_anti_ratware.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 20_body_tests.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 20_compensate.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 20_head_tests.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 20_meta_tests.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 20_ratware.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 20_uri_tests.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 40_spam_phrases.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 50_scores.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 60_whitelist.cf >> user_pref && \
cat 65_debian.cf >> user_pref

This is for spamassassin 2.43-1 from testing!

cp user_pref ~/.spamassassin/


gee, I thought it was something like putting into the user_pref file, or local.cf the line:

ok_locales    jp
ok_languages  en

something like that.

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