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pterm problems

Hi all,

I've just started using pterm, and I'm a problem.  Before I report it as
bug, I just want to check it's not something on my end, since the recent
home/end discussion showed me just how little I know about terminal

The home and end keys don't seem to work consistently: in vim they work
fine, but mutt and less don't recognise them as home and end (though
they do recognise that I pressed _something_).  I'm using pterm
0.53-2002-10-26-1, zsh-beta 4.1.0-dev-6+cvs20021005-2, vim 6.1.206-1 and
mutt 1.4.0-4.

According to cat, home generates this:
and end generates this:

Under Eterm, they generate ^[[7~ and ^[[8~, respectively.

$ echo $TERM

Using the pterm.RXVTHomeEnd option doesn't seem to help either.

So, how do I get my home and end keys to work?  Is it a pterm issue or
do I just need some terminfo-fu?


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