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can't kill a PID

I always thought that with 'kill -9 PID' you could clean up just about
any process, but I've run into one that just won't go ...

sakura:~$ ps aux |grep xmms
kosuke    9026  0.0  0.9 14460 4932 ? D  00:16   0:00 xmms
kosuke    9027  0.0  0.0     0    0 ? Z  00:16   0:00 [xmms <defunct>] 

I've tried 'kill -9 9026 9027', but every time I go back and ps/grep it,
it's still there.  And in the meantime, if I try to start a new xmms, it
will start a new PID in addition to 9026, but the program itself won't
show up.

Brainwashed from too many early years in the MS world, I'm tempted to
reboot.  But hoping there's a better, Linux way to clean this up.


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