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Re: netscape opens mozilla window if mozilla is running: why? (not how)

Andrea Borgia said:
> Hello.

> Since I'm quite new to Debian, what is the rationale behind
> netscape-remote?

I believe it is so when/if a user tries to load netscape twice
(and many non technical users do when they want to open a new
window), it opens a new window instead of tries to load a new process
which then puts up a big warning saying  "Theres already a .lock file
in your .netscape directory be sure ..etc etc.." which can confuse
people I suppose.

> And why running netscape should open another mozilla
> window?

most likely because mozilla is mostly coded by netscape engineers
and they wanted to maintain a consistant interface to it so they
use many of the same command line options available to previous
netscape versions. So the script tries to call the command and
mozilla happily responds.

> Maybe, I say maybe ;-), if I type 'netscape' I want netscape and
> not another mozilla window, maybe because I need to test something
> specifically with netscape.

When I want to load netscape, and ONLY netscape if I have mozilla
already running I run netscape directly:

that, on my system loads it, without any scripts and it works
everytime. You don't get the advantages the script may offer
I think it does a lot to the enviornment to make netscape more
secure and more friendly(been a while since I looked at the
script though). I don't use netscape 4.x that often anymore

> Am I missing some obvious debian-specific thing or may I rush off to file
> a bugreport?

I think this is an unintended side effect but I wouldn't consider
it a bug, this behavior has been there as long as I can remember,
and at least to me, makes sense, even though it can be inconvient
at times.


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