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Re: VMWare on Debian and VPN on Windows

Andy Saxena said:
> Does anybody have any experience running VMWare on Debian hosting
> Windows (preferably Win2K) and using Windows VPN software?

it should work without any issues if your in bridged mode(which
is the equivilent of running it on native hardware). Note the default
win2k VPN software is IPSec and PPTP which is very unfriendly to
networks with NAT. So if you are using NAT beware, it may be difficult
or impossible to use IPSec/PPPTP. This is an intentional design of
the protocol.

There are other products, such as Cisco's VPN line which support
IPSec encapsulated inside of UDP packets, which work perfectly in
every NAT enviornment I've worked with, and I've personally tested
it in VMware on win2k on debian in bridged mode behind a NAT box
with flawless results.

I think I read recently that the IPSec-over-UDP implimtation
is to be(or perhaps already is) integrated into the 'official'
IPSec spec, so chances are more vendors will support it in
the future.

I personally use vtun for all my VPN needs, it is a Unix<->Unix
only solution though(Linux/BSD/Solaris I think is it).

(I don't want to get into a NAT flamewar, I find NAT useful in
many enviornments and am very gratified that some software vendors
make products to accomidate me)

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