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Re: fetchmail restart or awaken?

This one time, at band camp, Christian Mascher said:
> Hi,
> still got the same problem with the way fetchmail is set up in debian 
> (woody):
> after dialing with "pon provider" "/etc/init.d/fetchmail awaken" is called by
> fetchmail-script in ip-up.d. But fetchmail doesn't fetch mail,
> declaring a "temporary name server error". It does that all the time I'm
> offline,  understandably.  What I don't understand is, why it doesn't
> realize resolve.conf has changed after dialling and just goes on saying
> it can't resolve even after the awaken signal.
> If I change "awaken" to "restart" fetchmail gets the mail (no problem
> resolving the mail-provider's address in that case). 
> It seems as if the fetchmail-daemon remembers it couldn't resolve
> pop.isp.xyz (after getting started on bootup) and thus repeats the error
> message without even trying, whereas a newly started copy finds out it
> _can_ resolve.
> Does anybody have the same problem?
> Christian

Yes, I had to do the exact same hack on one of the boxes I look after -
same symptoms all around.  I don't see a bug filed for it - would you
mind filing it for me, as I am not near the box that uses a dial-up?


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