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Re: mpg321 on ntfs

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 08:42:06AM +0100, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
> >The version of the NTFS driver that you are using doesn't support
> >mmaped files.  Since NTFS support is currently sketchy at best, this
> >doesn't suprise me much.  Newer kernel versions _might_ fix it, or
> >might not.  You may want to look around for Linux NTFS driver specific
> >changelog/notes... there may be a patch that makes it work.
> >
> >If not, you'll need to move your MP3's to another filesystem that does
> >support mmap if you want to use mpg321, or keep using XMMS.
> thanks for answering, first! I was planning to create a fat32 partition
> to share data between linux and win2k. now I know I really need it. I
> heard that it's not advisable to write on a ntfs partiton from linux -

Writing to a NTFS partition _will_ cause file system corruption.  If
you're not a developer working on the NTFS code, don't even try it...

> that's annoying enough - but if there are problems even reading I would
> switch to fat. 
> just the last question: why xmms can read from ntfs? it's not using
> mmap?

mmap(2) lets you `map' a file into memory: you just access the bytes
using pointers, without worrying about the fact that the file is on the
disk.  It can speed up file access (sometimes), which I imagine is why
mpg321 is using it.  Maybe XMMS doesn't support it for compatitibility
reasons (not all of XMMS's platforms have an mmap() call?)?


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