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Re: Debian GNU/LInux 3.0 - Win4Lin 4.0

My understanding was that "unsupported" distros could still use wn4lin but had to patch and compile the kernel themselves.

Might be worth slipping a case of beer to someone in your local LUG if you're uncomfortable doing that.


At 05:48 AM 11/1/02 +0100, fritz wrote:
Hello world,

using Debian GNU/Linux 3.0, which works great, we have to use one business-application which is only available as Windows-programm. Trying wine and Cross-Over , both programms are unable to run our application, we are now testing Win4Lin 4.0. Unfortunately "netraverse" does not support Debian distributions. Therefor I am unable to install Win4Lin 4.0.

Can anyone help us.

With best regards,

Fritz Ilg


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