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Re: running rsh and ssh?

R Ransbottom <rir@attbi.com> [2002-10-31 16:39:09 -0500]:
> The default installation of ssh seems to want to replace rlogin
> outright.  I want to run ssh/ssl beside rlogin and then phase rlogin out.
> How to?

rlogin and rsh can be 'alternative' programs.  Short answer, install
rsh-client and it will install the classic rsh and rlogin programs.

  update-alternatives --display rsh
  update-alternatives --display rlogin

  apt-get install rsh-client

  update-alternatives --display rsh
  update-alternatives --display rlogin

Before the installation of rsh-client it will be ssh.  But after it
will be the netkit versions which are the older classic flavor.  The
output above should show 'auto' for these unless you have manually
modified the entries.  If so then you can use --auto to reset them.

> I've been using rlogin with a TERM hack on several machines. That is
> if TERM contains a semi-colon, execute it as a program.  
> How do I duplicate this effect with ssh?

You modified rlogin for this purpose?  If so then you could of course
modify ssh for that purpose in the same way.

Alternatively I have seen people decode the TERM variable in .profile
to pass information back and forth.  You could in your .profile do the


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