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Re: Straightforward printing help urgently needed

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 10:27, Tom Zych wrote:
> I just bought a Canon BJ-200 printer and I'm trying to get it
> working with Debian. There's a tremendous amount of stuff to learn
> about: CUPS, Foomatic, PPDs, etc etc. It would probably take me
> days to wade through it all and make sense of it. I don't have
> days; I have to print some resumes and cover letters, NOW.
> Can anyone point me toward a step-by-step howto, for Debian,
> OpenOffice, and GhostScript, that will simply tell me what I need
> to do?
> Thanks very much,
> --
> Tom Zych
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It is a BJ-200 B&W inkjet printer, or an S200?

>From www.linuxprinting.org:

Canon BJ-200
Printer Type Resolution	Works?
Canon		BW	Perfectly
BJ-200		Inkjet

Prints fine in linux.

Printer does not support PJL.
Printer supports direct text printing with the `us-ascii' charset.
Refill: $30 for cartridges
No known autodetection methods.
This information has been proofread.

Canon's history of cooperation with the free software community may be
found on the vendor report card page.

You can participate in the LinuxPrinting.org Canon discussion forum here
on the web, via NNTP, or by email.
Driver Information

Recommended driver: bj200

bj200 Type: Ghostscript

omni General driver notes: This page provides data for the Omni driver
versions 0.7.0 and 0.7.1. There are no additional printers supported by
Omni 0.7.1.

The Omni printer driver provides support for over 400 printers using the
Ghostscript framework. In addition, it provides a model for dynamically
loading printer drivers, creating new devices by editing device
description files, and simplifies new printer driver development by
allowing for the subclassing device features.

The driver supports very many dot matrix printer models, but also many
inkjets and lasers. Note that GIMP-Print gives a much higher output
quality on inkjets than this driver, and that it is rather slow on
lasers. Some printers listed as supported by it may even not work at

Many printers supported by this driver were not entered into the
Foomatic database. For these printers an automatically created entry is
added to the database. As the driver not knowing all of the capabilities
of the printers, parts of the information presented in these entries can
be wrong. The entries are marked appropriately so that they can be
easily distinguished from "real" printer entries.

The problem is, I haven't seen any BJ series printers for sale for some
time - I presume this one is used? The only other 200 is the S200, which
I bought seven months ago - it is now an HP DeskJet 656c, because the
S200 was effectively a paperweight - the inks would not line up.
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