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Re: SPAM fiiltering

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 08:47, Alan Shutko wrote:
> "Mark L. Kahnt" <kahnt@hosehead.dyndns.org> writes:
> > I just switched off SpamAssassin here because what had been an equal
> > number of false positives and false negatives has instead proven to be
> > nearly every spam not already filtered by my own Evolution filters and
> > local blacklisting of a swath of worst-offender smtp-refuser getting
> > through, while most commercially provided requested mailings are getting
> > flagged. 
> Are you using the older version in woody?  I use the unstable version
> (on a woody machine) and haven't had a false positive in weeks.  I
> have very few false negatives as well.
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SpamAssassin 2.43-1 - tried upgrading it tied to unstable and it says
that I'm at the newest version. Basically, it was clobbering anything in
html on a commercial mailing list, such as personalised horoscopes.
These usually have some promotion of features on the originating website
- enough to trigger spam filtering. Unfortunately, my attempts to rescue
these with whitelisted addresses has proven useless as I'd said, because
by my experience, SpamAssassin doesn't always read or apply that list.
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