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automating the lbdb queries?

I just started using the little brother's database and it work's like
a charm, especially in conjuntion with my palm. now i would like to
integrate it into mutt a little better.

i usually start emails in mutt in one of two ways, both of which
reflect my strong usage of the mutt aliases file:

  - `mutt <recipient>` from the command line
  - start a new message in mutt (with $autoedit and $edit_headers) and
    putting the alias or recipient into the To: line in the editor
    (direct editing of the headers).

both these methods work with aliases perfectly, now I would like them
to do the same thing with the query_command.


  starting mutt from the command line as
    mutt pan

  should execute
    lbdbq pan

  and use the resulting line to address the mail to Peter Pan

is this possible with mutt? how? 

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