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Re: P4 with 1GB RAM, swap required?

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 04:32, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Lukas Ruf <ruf@rawip.org> [2002.10.28.1024 +0100]:
> > is there any sense in putting a swap partition on a P4 with 1GB RAM?  
> yes. but no more than 512 Mb!
> > What would be the advantage if using swapd?
> depends on your usage. my notebook has 1Gb of RAM and I do so much on
> it that there's usually only 5% memory free
> > Or can I do without swap partitions at all?
> you can try. YMMV
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I would concur - if you use The GIMP, for example, expect anything not
active to get shuffled out to swap in order to speed image manipulation
in RAM. Video also appears to be aided by unencumbered access to RAM,
meaning any lingering data not yet released, such as cached image
thumbnails, sometimes SQL search results, networking tables for
otherwise completed connections and the like need to either be
compressed and pushed aside in RAM, or spooled out to swap, or else you
need to settle for less memory for your actually active applications.

That said, I haven't see a Linux system that reports much RAM ever being
available, unless you have just exitted an application that was
dominating the memory - Linux fills unused memory with buffers, which
are then allocated to newly loaded programs or data files (or for data
space for existing programs) as needed.
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