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Re: HD size limit ?

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Kevin Coyner wrote:

> Is there a limit to the size of a IDE hard drive that Debian/Linux can
> accomodate?

Not sure WHAT the limit is, but it's definately higher than anything
commercially available today.(speaking of that, Maxtor needs to get their
320 gig drives available on the market, I have a machine that needs 4 of
these, instead of the piddly 5x30 gig raid that's in there now)

Your BIOS _may_(1) limit what you can handle.  If you're running a recent
2.4.x kernel, I wouldn't expect any problems at all.


(1) I say may, because if it's not your boot drive, you dont' even have to
tell your bios about the drive, just tell it Not Installed, and linux will
go find it and set it up just fine on its own.  I do this with several
VX chipset based machines, running 120 gig drives, on a bios that pukes on
anything over 32 gig.

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