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installing NetBeans IDE

hi to everybody,

I am trying to install a Java IDE, after being told there are X programming
environments for debian.

So, I download the binary NetBeans 34. However, i cannot install it.

Yes I already had installed J2sdk 1.4.0 (or so I think) but when I run the

Netbeans binary, it says

"A suitable Java Virtual Machine could not be found. Please
run the installer again using the option -is:javahome <JAVA HOME DIR>"

So I did, but it did not find the JVM either.

This is what I did (as root):

To install J2sdk


To install Netbeans:


then, after the first error

./NetBeansIDE-release34-linux.bin -is:javahome /usr/j2sdk1.4.0_02

which is the directory where the JVM was installed

I will be grateful if anyone can tell me what I did wrong

Thanks lot in advance


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