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unknown restarts

I reinstalled my system last week with a mix of unstable and
experimental(gnome2 packages).  Since then I have been experienceing
some unexplained restarts.  Basically the machine randomly restarts with
no explanation in my logs.  It only happens while idle.  I have yet to
have it restart while Im working on it.  I will leave it while logged in
and then when I come back the computer has restarted.  I have left it
locked to make sure that no one is comming in and shutting it down, and
this is a single user system and I am the only person who knows the root
password.  It is running 2.4.20-pre8-ac3.  Im thinking it is a kernel
problem, but without any logs I am hesitant to report it to lkml. 
Anyone have any idea on what could be happening or how I could capture
some log information?  BTW it is a via system with ACPI turned on. 
Thanks for any help.


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