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Re: gui c/c++ programming

A friend of mine named Andy Green spent almost ten years developing the ZooLib C++ cross-platform application framework before placing it into open source under the MIT license:


I have spent quite a bit of time working with ZooLib and think it's just wonderful.

It doesn't do just GUI, but also TCP networking, file I/O, multithreading and database.

I have started writing a tutorial called The ZooLib Cookbook:


However, something important is lacking for Linux - it has no X11 menu bar. ZooLib itself has been used on Linux for a long time, but mostly for server applications. I've been intending to write a menu bar for quite some time, but life has been too hectic for me to be able to deal with it.

You can use buttons and text and stuff in Linux though. And it probably wouldn't be hard for just about anyone to do the menu bar.

Besides Linux, ZooLib supports Windows, Mac OS (classic 68k and PowerPC, and carbon PowerPC. Mach-o support is mostly done I think) and BeOS. You can write full-featured applications that run on all these platforms with little or no need for platform-specific client code.

If you're going to try ZooLib, it would probably be best to pull it from CVS, as there has not been an official release in a long time, and a lot has been done to improve it:


I have started a website devoted to educating other developers about writing cross-platform software. There is one article posted so far (and again, life has been too hectic to write any more in the time since I posted it in January). "Writing Cross-Platform Software - Getting Started" is at:



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