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Re: permission

Terry Parkerson wrote:
I'm window's converting to debian/linux.

I just installed debian 2.2.19.

I can list directories. But am not allowed to look into any files or config.

I am returned "Permission denied" in most every file entery.

When trying to look at "xf86config" I am receiving and err 111 message.

Sounds like you're trying to do "root things" as a non-root user. Log in as root (or use one of the other methods for doing "root things") in order to do these things. As a normal user, you'll be restricted in quite a few ways (unlike in the Windows (pre-2K/XP) world, where anyone sitting down at the computer can accidentally infect/delete/hose some important system file).

You don't want to stay logged in as root; that presents unnecessary risks to your system. Only be root when you need to do root things.


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