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pam .76.5 and xscreensaver lockouts

I have seen no bug reports nor discussion on this list about recent trouble with libpam* 0.76.4/5 on sid and xlock/xscreensaver.

I have a current sid system (except for the pam modules and libraries which I have had to downgrade to 0.72-35).

When I first accepted the pam upgrades to .76.4 and locked my screen via xcreensaver/xlockmore, my password was not accepted.

I had to kill the process from a console (from which I was fortunately able to login). I downgraded to 0.72-35, and the locking again functioned normally.

I had the same problem with 0.76.5 (the current sid version)

The relevant lines in

/etc/pam.d/xlock are
auth    required        pam_unix.so nullok

/etc/pam.d/xscreensaver are
auth     required       pam_unix_auth.so

My /var/log/auth.logs don't seem to reveal anything useful other than I was denied access.

Is anybody else having this problem?



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