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Re: OT: changing colours in midnight commander

Russell wrote:
> Jason Pepas wrote:
> >
> > On Thursday 10 October 2002 10:02 pm, Russell wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > >
> > > None of the command-line options of midnight commander
> > > (mc --help-colors) seems to have an effect. Is there
> > > something i'm missing? I really want to change the
> > > colours of mc in an xterm because somehow they change
> > > from the normal console colors.
> >
> > that's because xterm doesn't use the same colors as a standard linux tty
> > console.  If you just want mc to look like it should, I would try to correct
> > the xterm's behavior, so that all console apps have the same color.
> >
> > I unfortunately have never figured out how to do this, because it was always
> > easier to just use a different term which did colors the same as the linux
> > console.
> >
> > open question to everyone:  which does colors "correctly", xterm or the linux
> > console?  And why does the one which does them incorrectyl choose to do so?
> I think the linux console does correct colors, because the blue
> looks like a pure saturated rgb:0,0,255 blue. The xterm is a pale
> washed-out light blue, whereas red still displays as a pure red
> like the linux console.
> I fixed the problem by putting xterm*color4: blue
> into ~/.Xresources.
> I think xterm has a bug where the default blue is something
> other than rgb:0,0,255...

Never mind, it's not a bug. I found there's VT100 color
settings in /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color. To make
an xterm look like a linux console, change these settings:

*VT100*color0: black
*VT100*color1: red
*VT100*color2: green
*VT100*color3: yellow

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