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Re: Eterm TERM setting

On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 01:51:16PM +0200, Thorsten Haude wrote:

I did infact look at the manpage for Eterm, but was looking for some
file in which to set the TERM  environment variable for Eterm.

I added the above to the file  ~/.enlightenment/keybindings.cfg and
all seems ok. I tried adding Eterm --term_name TERM but still had problems.

Would you be so kind as to say from which file you got the above.

Looked in usr/share/doc/eterm/README.Debian and saw the following:

   Synopsis: use TERM=Eterm environmental variable setting or expect 
   terminal, keyboard and display, problems. This counts for old themes 

Don't why my version is different to others. 

Thanks for the assistance.



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