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Re: what is /var/mail/sandip?

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On Sat, Oct 12, 2002 at 01:55:16PM +0530, Sandip P Deshmukh spake thus:
> i used a program called npop to download headers in the pop boxes. then 
> i would delete the unwanted ones off server in npop. finally, i would 
> use mozilla to download messages.
> and in linux, i am not able to download only headers. mozilla doesnt 
> have the capability. so, i end up downloadin all messages and then 
> delete them etc.
> i am sure there must be a solution. unable to find one.

I use a program called popcheck. You can install it using apt-get
install popcheck. You need to have shell access to your ISP.

> further, i will like to send outgoing mail with my machine acting as 
> smtp server. can it be done? how?

You need to have a mail transport agent configured for this. Exim is the 
default MTA on Debian - run eximconfig as root. It's quite intuitive.

> most of biff, xbiff, etc programs point to /var/mail/sandip directory. 
> what is this? am i missing on some powerful feature of linux way of 
> handling mail?  is there a more elegant way of handling e-mail than what 
> i used to do in windows?

/var/mail/<username> is the standard location for mailboxes.

> lastly, is it possible for different users on my machine to send mails 
> to eachothers without running a mail-server?

This one i'm not too sure about.

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