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AW: New Debian User - Totally Impressed

Welcome to the club!! :-)

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Von: Chip Rose [mailto:ncrose@pinn.net]
Gesendet: Freitag, 11. Oktober 2002 01:41
An: Debian
Betreff: New Debian User - Totally Impressed


I just switched to deb3.0 from Mandrake8.0.  I am beyond ecstatic with
it.  The install was easy (used 7cds from Linux Central), user-friendly,
the defaults were acceptable even for a total beginner.  I don't know a
whole lot about Linux even after my past several years of constant use -
the Redhat/Mandrake world has fogged my brain I guess.  I've installed
and used Redhat 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, Mandrake 6.0 and 8.0 over the past few
years, and have been using Linux exclusively for that whole time. 
Redhat crashed often, and was a mind-numbing puzzle to update RPM's and
figure out where things installed - nothing matched the Linux info I was
reading on the web.  Mandrake was more graphical and easier - I tired of
puzzling over the thing - just wanted something stable, and I knew
(thought) that Linux was more stable and powerful than M$-Windows.  But
despite its graphical ease, Mandrake crashed constantly!  I thought it
was my flaky hardware (not!), and I despaired of using Linux.  I had
often bragged to friends about how stable Linux was, how
resource-efficient, and how Linux users rarely had to turn their
computers off or reboot because of crashes.  But it was practically a
lie!  I was so embarrassed when my system would crash constantly, even
when no apps were running - yaaaghh!

I've been using Debian3.0 for 3 days now - fast and stable - tons of
packages that are easy to get and install.  Already I've learned how to
start ppp from the console and how to do it via scripts
(chat/provider/pon/poff) - something I could never do in Mandrake/Redhat
- I normally just rely on kppp to do the job for me, and I never learned
anything in the process!  Even rebooting my computer with Mandrake would
cause a kernel panic - I had to wait 5 minutes before turning my
computer back on or else Mandrake would freeze/kernel panic during the
boot.  Doing a system halt would segfault under Mandrake!  I couldn't
leave my computer on at the kdm logon screen - it would freeze the
entire system.  Once I spent a long hour on the web creating an online
retirement plan with a lot of details, and then my computer just FROZE
UP and I lost everything!  Yaaaghhhhh!!  The list just goes on and on.. 
I could talk your ear off with it all.

Normally I wouldn't have dared to type such a long note without first
saving it, in case Mandrake would crash and I'd lose all my wonderful
typing.  Sorry for abusing bandwidth and list etiquette with this long
email - I'm just on cloud nine because I'm finally using a REAL Linux,
and I can now truthfully say:
Debian Linux that is!

Thanks again for listening,

Chip Rose
Virginia Beach, VA
"Debian Rules"

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