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Re: ssh and running command

* Patrick Hsieh (pahud@ezplay.tv) [021006 19:37]:
> Hello list,
> I'd like to execute a certain command upon someone connect to my server
> with "ssh robot@my.domain.name". I will not authenticate the visitor in
> the ssh session, that is, anyone can do "ssh robot@my.domain.name" in
> order to execute my self-defined command or shell script. Is there any

Are you running a web server? Just create a little CGI to do what you
want, so that anyone can just GET that URL and the command will run.
This should be much less headache than trying to figure out if all of
your bases are covered with ssh, since you're not trying to authenticate
anyway.  You can still get transport-layer security if you run the CGI
only on HTTPS.

If you want it so that web spiders won't automatically launch your
command all the time, just don't put any links to it.  You could also do
something that's trivial for a human but next to impossible for a search
engine cache, like require that the script get today's date as an
argument or it won't do anything.

This scheme fails when it's not an interactive command, but works great
if you just need to run a command and see the output; it can be
displayed in the browser when the CGI is run.

good times,
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