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ATI Radeon 7500 - what drivers for tv?

Iam a little bit dazzled about what for drivers have to i use for mplayer and
TV. If i use mplayer with xv output and switch then to another virtual desktop,
i have an mplayer screenshot in this position. Then i've to switch back and the
movie will go on. I can't minimize the mplayer window, because the image won't
go away. There is allready an "screenshot". Its maybe a bug in the XV Extension
or in the ATI Driver. Don't know. 

I using the experimental XFree86 4.2.X debian packages + the latest DRI
snapshot. Hardware Acceleration works very well, but this is the only problem i
have. I looked at the gatos page, but don't know if the drivers will fix this
problem. Anyone have an idea what drivers should be used? And if i've to use the
gatos one, which Driver should i enable in XFree86Config? Should i leave it to
"ati" or is it "ati2" ?

Thanks for any comments..

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