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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

deFreese, Barry wrote:

> I didn't "agree" to shit, try finding a house out here in California that
> doesn't have an association.

You had a choice. You could have simply not bought that house. I
wouldn't have.

As for finding houses without housing associations, it's not at all
difficult. You just stay away from recently-built tract developments,
which is a good idea anyway, because the houses in them are generally
cheaply-built crap on small lots.

I bought my house in October 1999 (San Mateo, CA, about 20 miles south
of San Francisco). This neighborhood was originally built up back in the
1940s and '50s, and nearly all of the houses are of that vintage.
They're solid and comfortable. No housing association, no annoying
requirements about the color of the house or whatever.

Meanwhile, my wife has relatives across the bay in Hayward who live in
new tracts. The houses feel cramped and look cheap despite the new paint
and faux-classical detailing, their yards are almost non-existent, and
they have to put up with housing associations and their idiotic rules.
(Then again, maybe they don't mind -- they're the sort of people who
like to conform.)


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