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Gentoo File Manager on Woody

Hello Gentoomen,

I managed to download and and install the Gentoo File Manager and it's
dependancies by way of:
dpkg -i .deb .deb .deb etc thanks to one and all for the help on this.

This first produced some errors but then went on to install and set up the
various packages, closing with the note that some errors were encountered.

Problem solved: There is a listing in the menu for Gentoo. Clicking on it
produces some strenuous effort on the part of this icon to conjure the
program which defeats the icon which then retreats in shame. No Gentoo File
Manager. placing --root-ok on the execute line brings up the program.

Problem: The Gentoo icon is UGLY!

Question: I cannot see anyplace in the CONFIGURE dialog where the font size
could be changed, it's too large.

Question: I do not see an option for or a way to set up so that a
double-click on a directory in the left hand pane brings up the directory
contents in the right hand pane: is this possible, and if so how, and if
not, this is a real defect.

Question: I do not see how I can set my own choice of editor. I don't
recognize what it is bringing up: I am talking about the default editor for
when you double click a file, not the button that brings up a program...and
I thought this would be managed by the system, not a file manager: i.e.
through file associations, where I have specified Nedit for most text file
types...but it is not using Nedit.

Finally, if these problems cannot be solved, Konquoror seems a better choice
for all round configurability on KDE Desktop at least, and in spite of
including the browser. So the question is, what dangers do I face just
uninstalling gentoo...considering the half dozen updated packages it
installed over older versions? Can they just be left...are they backwards
compatable...I have not noticed any problems on anything else.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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