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Re: Backing up system using mondo ?

On Wed, 02 Oct 2002, Dale Hair wrote:

> On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 19:41, D. J. Bolderman wrote:
> > Is anyone here using mondo to backup their server ? I'm looking for a
> > solution to backup the critical files/dirs of my server, including the
> > maildirs. I read that mondo creates bootable rescue cd's, so it sounds
> > good. But before I'm diving into another "experience" I would like to
> > hear some opinions of you first.

> I've used it successfully to restore a laptop.  I strongly recommend

> man mondoarchive

> and the HOWTO at  

> www.microwerks.net/~hugo/download/new/Mondo-Rescue-Mindi-Linux-HOWTO-9.html

> If you back up to nfs like I do, make the boot floppies at backup time. 
> Once you understand it, it's pretty slick.  Attached is a copy of en
> email I sent someone else about my one restore experience. 

Thanks Dale, I will give mondo a try then !


D.J. Bolderman

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