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Re: initrd, vmlinuz and vmlinux

hi ya

vmlinux  is an uncompressed kernel
	( erase these.... seems to occupy space )

vmlinuz  is a compressed vmlinux
( say, suitable to fit onto a floppy for booting off of it )

initrd  is typically used for temporarily booting the hw into
  a state, that the real kernel vmlinuz can than take over and
  continue the booting..
	- example... you can't read the kernel off the scsi hard disk
	until you have a scsi driver loaded in the kernel .. 
	( answer... boot an initrd kernel that can read the real kernel

	- my basic understanding.. and used initrd to fix my scsi
	booting problems

just makes sure your have the same "version" for vmlinuz-version and
System.map-version or you might get whacky error messages

c ya

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Q. Gong wrote:

> Hi,
> Under /boot, there are three files, such as vmlinuz-version,
> vmlinux-version, and initrd-version.img. What's the differences between
> them? Can initrd-version.img be used for both vmlinuz and vmlinux? Thanks
> a lot in advance.
> Qian

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