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Re: modprobe: Can't locate module binfmt-e0ff

ThanhVu Nguyen said:
> In my /etc/syslog, I have these lines ... not really sure what they mean
> or how to fix it

looks like it may be related to this:

if your not encountering any problems while using your system those
messages are safe to ignore. the kernel tries to load things it
"thinks" you need on demand(kernel module loader). Many times in
my experience it tries to load things I really don't need/want so
I turn it off(which requires running a kernel with the kernel
module loader(CONFIG_KMOD in 2.2.19) disabled. I've been running
in this configuration for a few years. In most cases you'll have
to recompile the kernel to disable this option, I am not aware
of any default debian kernels which come with it disabled.


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