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Re: Imap/Samba

Thanks pointed me in the right direction. Once I had installed telnet on 
my server I found I could only log in from my windows box by using the IP 

I have noticed before that when I ping from the windows box it shows the 
windows IP number rather than the server IP number. Put it down to a samba 

If I enter IP numbers instead of server name in Eudora away it goes.


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sdownes said:
> Got (cyrus) imap working on my linux box & can connect into it from 
>  linux boxes. Can't get into it from eudora on my windows box.

test it using telnet:

telnet host 143
(when you see the IMAP banner:)
A001 LOGIN username password

where username/password..are..well you know :) if that works then
you can reach it from that machine. Be sure you have eudora configured
for IMAP access if your using IMAP(its been 4-5 years since i've seen
eudora and i think back then it was POP3-only). Also it doesn't hurt
to try another email client, I always reccomend this to people having
trouble, if another client works then the problem can be isolated to
that software(or it's configuration) on the client computer rather then
anything on the server. There are several free mail software programs

> Are there any Samba issues ( or any similar things I have missed) samba
> is  working between the two hosts for printing & home directories only.

if your asking if samba could be causing problems with cyrus the
answer would be no, I can't imagine how samba could in any way interfere
with cyrus. if your question is something else I'm not sure what your

good luck


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