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Re: problem with sound card from a newbie

marshal@h9.dion.ne.jp wrote:

"Sandip" == Sandip P Deshmukh <deshmukh@zapo.net> writes:

   > i have been using windows for quite some time now and am
   > contemplating to shift to linux. so i am a 'newbie' to linux -
   > in short. i recently installed debian 3.0 on my compaq making it
   > a dual boot machine. it is a piii 766mhz machine with on board
   > sound card.

   > while installing, in the section of device driver modules, i
   > have included i810. it also selected some yamaha ac97 and
   > reported it to be a success.

   > now, my system boots up and as a user i can log into
   > it. however, none of the sound files can play. kde's control
   > panel shows that there is no sound card.

You probably have to add yourself to the "audio" group.

as root:

# adduser <regular user name> audio

Then log out and then log back in.

See if that helps.  If not, come back for more.

Good luck.


   > i do not know what to do now. stuck - in a way. looking forward
   > to some help. something that will be step by step and simple for
   > even a layman like me.

   > thanx in advance

   > sandip

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oh well - tried this also. in fact, logged in as root and tried to play music - still it wont.

any suggestions on this?

thanx again

- sandip

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