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problem with cupsys post-install

Hi, I'm having a problem installing cupsys on my system.  I am using Sid with 
the addition of X 4.2 and kde3 packages.

When trying to configure cupsys, this is what happens:
# dpkg --configure --pending
Setting up cupsys (1.1.15-4) ...
Adding group lpadmin (1001)...
At which point I try entering my root password.  Unfortunately, it seems as if 
my input is not being sent to the configuration program.  It echoes the 
password to the screen as I type it (instead of masking it) and then nothing 
happens when I press enter.  At this point, all I can do is control+c out of 
the configuration, which of course yields an error message.

I tried adding the group lpadmin myself with 
# addgroup lpadmin 
(incidentally, why does this ask for a new UNIX password?), but then when 
trying to configure cupsys, this happens:
# dpkg --configure --pending
Setting up cupsys (1.1.15-4) ...
Starting CUPSys: cupsddpkg: error processing cupsys (--configure):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  As I am not subscribed to debian-user, 
I'd appreciate it if all responses were CC'ed to me.  Thanks.

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