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Re: New user with X-Windows problem

Can you send tot the list more information about the problem? for example
the XF86Config-4 file, the output of XFree86...

You can get the output of XFree86 executing as root:

	XFree86 > /root/output-X11.log 2>&1

With this information it's possible to solve the problem.

Kind Regards.

Josep Llauradó Selvas	                darlock@tinet.org
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On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, lameth wrote:

     Recently I installed the latest version of Debian (Woody). After the
     base system was installed and I selected my packages were installed I
     went through the x-window configuration. When that process was completed
     the operating system attempted to start X-Windows. X failed to started
     and I received the following error messages;
     (==)Parse error on line 321 of section Monitor in the /etc/X11/XF86Config
     (==)file "85" is not a valid keyword in this section.
     (EE)Problem parsing the config file
     (EE)Error from XF86HandleConfigFile()
     No screens found

     Using emacs to view the XF86Config file I noticed the following;

     Line 321 HorizSync 30-85
     This, according to the manual for my Dell P780 monitor, 30kHz to 85 kHz
     is the Horizontal Sync range for this monitor. Down further in this
     section VertRefresh (null) was listed. During the configuration process
     I had entered 48-120 for the vertical refresh rate, which is the correct
     refresh rate according to my monitors manual. Using emacs I replaced
     (null) with 48-120 but this had no effect.

     Prior to installing Debian I had Mandrake linux 8.1 on this machine and
     X-Windows ran fine. A major difference in the installs is that under
     Mandrake linux I was able to put lilo on hda2 and booted the kernel from
     the hard drive. Debian would not let me do this so I am booting from a
     floppy. Could this have anything to do with the problem?

     The machine I'm running Debian on is a Dell Dimension XPS T500 with 128
     mb of ram and a Diamond Viper V770 Ultra with 32 mb of memory. The
     correct driver for this card ( nv) is being used.

     thank in advance.

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