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Re: Starting X on boot. (Not xdm, kdm gdm style)

This one time, at band camp, Alex Polite said:
> I've set up a VDR-box (http://freevo.sourceforge.net/) under
> Debian. I'd like the box to go directly into an X session upon
> booting, without having to fill in password and username in xdm.
> I know how to do this kdm/kde but running kde for that one feature
> seems like an awful waste.
> Ideas?
> alex

I think gdm also supports a passwordless immediate login for a single
user.  I guess it depends on what you mean by waste - it's mostly disk
space, rather than system resources, because the login manager doesn't
use up much hanging around in the background when your user session is

This is from top:
3318 root       9   0  1772 1772  1668 S     0.0  0.3   0:00 gdm
3319 root       9   0  2180 2180  1984 S     0.0  0.4   0:00 gdm

Not much of a price, really.

I suppose the other way to go about doing this is through inittab.  X
takes an argument for user, IIRC, and so you could have inittab start X
for a specific user at a specific runlevel (say 2, the Debian default).
This would bypass the (x,k,g)dm issue entirely.

Just my $.02,

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