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Wine/Quicken playing nice? (Re: MS WINWORD and WINE problems....)

On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 04:56:50PM -0400, David P James happened to mention:
> jeff was roused into action on 09/19/02 03:34 and wrote:
> > don't bother running M$ products under linux unless you're running
> > VWware... you'll just end up making a big un-fun mess.
> I can vouch for that. I tried running IE once under wine. It crashed.
> And it hogged system resources in the freeze/lock-up before doing so.
> I've had fairly good experiences with Quicken 99 under wine though.

You are kidding!  I have tried that several times, and though I can
get MSOffice programs to run, my Wine always gets stuck and pukes when
trying to run Quicken.  Did you do anything special?  Can you forward
config files to me?

Thanks!  It's the one app that I need to reboot the machine to use...

Jeff Maxson

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