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Restricted / Secure VI (or vi-alike editor)

Hi List.

I'm looking for a vi like editor that has the same features as the rvi
from the 'operator shell'. I have that version working on my AIX
systems, but since it's really old (obsolete) code (93 and before) it's
hard to get it to work on HP-UX 11 (11.0 and 11i) and Linux.

Does anyone know any other editor with features like this one (from the

12/14/93  Operator Shell (osh)--rvi

  This is a version of 'elvis'--the free ex/vi workalike (vi has AT&T
  copyrights on it), called rvi (restricted vi). It allows reads and
  writes to only the files listed on the command line (so osh can 
  determine your access rights to them) and won't allow shelling out.

Most importantly is the 'only editing files specified on the
commandline' and 'no shell escapes whatsoever'.

This way we can use this 'vi' version for usage from 'sudo'.

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Unix / Linux, Open-Source and Internet Consultant @ SyConOS IT
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