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Re: Building a full audio/video system based on debian

Hanasaki JiJi said:
> Any input on what to use for hardware and capture / playback software?
> I am hoping for only open source.  I know that leaves NVidia out due to
> the closed drivers.  How about ATI?

just because it's closed doesn't mean it's unsuitable. for example,
I would like high performance 3D on debian 3.0 on kernel 2.2.19. From
what I can tell my only option is nvidia. Matrox requires 2.4.x,
3dfx is, well too slow, ATI also has closed source drivers see
this Xfree driver for their 8500 series:

and the readme:

Matrox's drivers as well are closed source(at least parts of them):
(seems the main part that is closed source is the HALlib portion)

I do reccomend the nvidia drivers(though I can't speak to running it
under 2.4.x), under 2.2.x it is solid, very solid. for 3D, for Xvideo...
I haven't tried Matrox's drivers personally nor ATIs, matrox's require
2.4.x and ATI's, well I don't have any ATI cards at the moment.

if you want maximum performance/stability with the multimedia at this
point you need to use the commercial drivers(I use the Xfree mga
driver at work for my G400, which works great for everyday work, but
doesn't work for 3D(in my experience) and doesn't work well with xvideo)

While I do firmly believe in open source, I also believe in using solid
software where available, and believe in supporting companies that at least
put effort into supporting linux. one of my friends at nvidia(who worked at
STB till STB was bought by 3dfx then worked at 3dfx until bought by nvidia)
said (this was a year ago) that the linux team there doesn't get a lot
of recognition for their hard work.

I believe if we show support for such companies in some form it will encourage
them to put more source code out there(but patents, and licensed technology
may seriously inhibit the process no matter how much the company
wants to co-operate).

I would reccomend Xinside's OpenGL Accelerated-X (Despite the rampant
bashing they do of Xfree86), however their 3D products do not work under
debian and they don't seem to have any plans to help fix the situation
(their 2D products work fine though). The situation may of changed in
recent months since I checked on them.

now if the drivers are causing problems for you that would(to me)
be a totally different issue. because of the closed source nature of
the drivers I avoided the NVidia drivers for about a year while they


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