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mouse hotspot drifts by 1/2 an inch

Dear list,

I have been using woody and I am quite happy with this Debian release.

Recently I have noticed a strange behaviour of the mouse pointer. Its hotspot sometimes drifts away by roughly half an inch to the left, and reboot is the only remedy.

I cannot reach the left edge of the monitor screen then,
and I have to litteraly aim by 1/2" to the right of anything I wish
to click on.

Has anyone been through this as well?
Your help is appreciated.

I am set as follows..
* kernel 2.2.20 (vanilla)
* gnome 1.4.x.x
* xfree 4.2.x.x configured with /dev/mouse -> /dev/gpmdata
* gdm * gpm 1.19.6-12 configured with repeat_type=raw, device=/dev/psaux and type=imps2


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