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Re: mutt hangs when using zile

Lance Hoffmeyer wrote:

> Anyone know why mutt keeps hanging when I try to write a new message?
> Zile is the editor I have as default.   The compose window will open 
> eventually but it takes 15m or more.

Have you tried using another editor to see if that makes a difference?
You might also see if there is a zile process for the 15 min. or so that
the system is just sitting there. Running "ps -u `whoami`" in another
console window should tell you that. If zile starts up almost
immediately, but seemingly does nothing for 15 minutes, then it's a zile
problem. Is there a way to start zile in debug mode? Does it have a user
init file that you could move out of the way to try to isolate the

I use mutt with GNU Emacs all the time; it's usually just a few seconds
to get the editor going from mutt.


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