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Re: Fvwm configuration

Glyn Millington <glyn@millingtons.org> writes:

> Udo - many thanks for the reply.  My problem is this:-


> As I said earlier, I have read the docs, as well as the manpages!  What
> the doc about the system file says explicitly is that one should NOT do
> what you are recommending,

Not true:

,----[ /usr/share/doc/fvwm/README.sysrc.gz ]
| If a user is not completely happy with the environment set up by
| system.fvwm2rc, they could make any modifications they wish by copying
| system.fvwm2rc to ~/.fvwm2rc, and then changing the file.

This should read ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc, but it states what i suggested.

> but instead to add user customizations via hooks in the ~/.fvwm
> directory.  Then the packaging system can update menus and the system
> .fvwm2rc if it so wishes without codging up your customisations.

Witch it can still do if you maintain your own .fvm2rc. The changes just
will not hit your desktop. By the way, the only hook file updated by the
package systems seems to be the menudefs.hook. And i stated in my previous
mail, that you can (should) include this one.

> That principle I understand!


> There are examples of the various hook files, but they are rather brief
> and the explanations are somewhat terse, so I am still a little hazy about
> which sections of my customisations belong under which hook.  Most can
> clearly go into the post.hook.

Which would than be a replacement for your own .fvwm2rc ...
> So I asked for a few further examples.  Still hoping!!
> Sorry for not being clearer.

No need to apologiese, your intentions are clear enough. The hook system is
nice (especialy the automatigcaly build Debian menu) but in my oppinion
overkill. You can use it but why bother with x hook files if you can
achieve the same result by building your own .fvwm2rc. If you think about
it, the hook system is nothing else than a .fvwm2rc broken down into parts
read into the system.fvwm2rc to build your own .fvwm2rc. 

Uhm ja, you guess what i mean.

Tschoe Udo.

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