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substitute for dreamweaver's template/link tracking


So I have a couple of small websites I'm trying to move over to
linux.  Up to now I've managed them with dreamweaver, which has two
great features:

-- templates that you can update, i.e. you can build a site around one
   set of templates, with one 'look', and then change all your
   documents at once with a simple 'update' command.

-- bits of code called 'library items' that are portable from place to place, whose links you
   don't have to update.  This is managed, I guess, with some kind of
   database of all the file names and links in the site, so that yyou
   can iunsert these snippets (usually navigation bars and the like)
   into pages, and dreamweaver will set the links to the appropriate

I'd really love to have something like this for my site -- in fact,
now that I've managed it this way, it's hard for me to imagine going
back to hard-coding and keeping track of things by myself.  I've been
experimenting with bluefish and xsitecopy, but these don't seem to
offer anything like the flexibility that dreamweaver does.  Any



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