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Re: CD ripping & burning speed...

On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 04:11:12PM +0000, Vittorio wrote:
> A part of them say "the lower the ripping and burning speed the
> better" so for both speeds they recommend not to go faster than 4x.
> Others say that ripping speed is critical, so the 4x limit should
> apply to this phase only.
> Finally, the remaing experts say that nowadays there are no
> limitations of any kind on speed.
> P.S. With the above-mentioned software is it possible to overburn a CD?

It sounds like these people are used to crappy, crappy windows software
for DAE.  cdparanoia tries very, very hard to get a clean rip...I've set
it loose on a CD that was so scratched that it wouldn't play in any CD
player I could find, but cdparanoia managed to rip it without a single
pop or blip or skip.  It did take a few hours tho...Basically, rip speed
is irrelavent to the user, except inasmuch as it takes up your time;
cdparanoia will take care of it, and, if you give it the '-z' option,
will not rest until it's satisfied there were no errors.

It's probably the same thing with burning; a correct burn is a correct
burn is a correct burn.  One thing that does matter tho is, as a bunch
of other people have said, is the media.  Find the type that works for
you and stick with it, I guess.

If you want to be really sure it's all working, you can easily test it:
rip a cd, burn it, keep the original wavs, rip the copy, run md5sum on
each wav.  Of course, you might get md5 mismatches due to the rip
starting at different locations on the disc or something...Hmmm...sounds
like an experiment for next weekend.

> P.S. With the above-mentioned software is it possible to overburn a CD?

I'm not quite sure what over burn means...Does it mean 'burn more data
than the CD nominally handle'?  If so, then I'm fairly sure you can,
since cdrecord will let you burn a CD with the data coming from a pipe;
it's got no way of guessing how much data it will get fed, until it
receives it.

As an aside, here's my method for copying CD's:
1) Make a new directory and run 'cdparanoia -Bvz' (Batch, verbose,
   'z'=don't ever skip).
2) When that's done, run 'find -type f -name '*.wav'|wav2toc.pl' (where
   wav2toc.pl is the attached Perl script.
3) Follow the instruction, and burn away.

Works great for me, and I've never managed to get a dud from it (even
while recompiling a kernel!).  Of course, you could write just a little
more script and come up with something that just works thusly:

'Insert source disk'
'Insert blank'

but I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered.  Hope this is useful to someone.


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