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Re: Missing modules are working well!

Travis Crump <pretzalz@techhouse.org> writes:

> Glyn Millington wrote:
>> Greetings!   Debian Woody (wonderful!!) 2.4.18 compiled by yours
>> truly. Since rebuilding the kernel when I boot up I get a long list
>> of
>> "modprobe can't find" messages. But the modules are there and they
>> work,or I would not be sending this
>> ;-)
> Of course if you compiled the modules directly into the kernel then
> they would still work, but modprobe would have nothing to find since
> they no longer exist seperately...

Right!  This is certainly what I have done in some cases. So somewhere
there is an old list of modules - indeed /etc/modules appears to be it!
And if I comment out the modules then I no longer get the
messages. Marvellous - many thanks!!

Is it, do you know, safe to remove this file altogether?


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