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Re: Postfix options

> I want to set up a Postfix server for our office.  As I see it I could
> go Suse Email Server III or use the Debian Postfix package in conjuction
> with something like Squirrelmail.

A fine idea. I use both. Of course, you will need to set up an IMAP server
so that Squirrelmail has someone to talk to. I use Cyrus-IMAP.

> I can think of advantages and disadvantages to each, but I would like to
> know what anyone out there with a working knowledge of these two options
> thinks.

Postfix is very fast, very easy to configure, and very secure. I can't
think of any disadvantage to Postfix.

Cyrus-IMAP is probably the best enterprise-scale open-source IMAP server
implementation. Unfortunately, this isn't saying a whole lot. It doesn't
scale cleanly and SASL is a royal pain. But it can be made to work. Also,
sieve is quite cool.

Squirrelmail is a nice web mail client. Being from the PHP world, it's
hardly hackproof. But it does have a lot of developers adding neat
"gee-whiz" plugins. You might also want to consider horde/imp.

I have written a Debian-centric whitepaper on using Postfix. You can find
it at
There is also the beginnings of a Cyrus whitepaper, but it isn't anywhere
near finished. Seeing as how we are both in Seattle, though, you could
easily hire me to deploy a system for you. :-)

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