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Re: Debian and IDE RAID?


I've just succesfully installed and am now running Debian3r0 with Abit 
BD7II-RAID ATA133 motherboard which uses the Highpoint 372 Controller 
(hardware).  It was a bit of a struggle getting it to work as you need a 
spare disk to prepare the kernel that will boot from the raid disks.  I have 
the RAID in 0 mode and it is fast.  Highpoint provide a driver that you can 
compile as a module for your kernel.  Some of this is non-free, therefore it 
is downloaded partly as source and partly as a pre-compiled lib.  It works 
much like CDRW by making the RAID devise a scsi one.  I have not had to use 
any raidtools package.

Highpoint also provide a frontend that allows you to monitor your disks, 
rebuild them etc..


On Tuesday 27 August 2002 4:27 pm, Danijel Pajur wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> The time has come to upgrade my trusty old Debian box, and I\'ve started
> looking into getting an affordable IDE RAID solution. Searching the web for
> various IDE RAID controllers and Linux revealed lots of problems, most of
> which I\'d assume are related to the actual hardware, or lack thereof.
> I know times change, and I\'m wondering if anyone could advise me if
> there\'s an IDE RAID controller out there that works well with Debian, in
> RAID1 (mirror) mode? Or would I be better off just scrapping the idea, and
> going with single drives or software RAID?
> What I\'m really looking for is a trouble-free solution to running two
> drives in a mirror, and if there\'s a management software - great, if there
> isn\'t, the least I expect is to see errors in the syslog if one of the
> drives fails. It doesn\'t seem like much to expect, but somehow I think it
> might be hard to find with IDE RAID offerings :)
> I appreciate all your help.
> kind regards,
> Danijel

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