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Re: Controlling swap usage, is it possible?

On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 17:33, Jamin W.Collins wrote:
> I have a few large applications that tend to lay dormant from time to
> time, and as a result Linux memory management shuffles them off to swap. 
> For these applications this can mean very sluggish performance when I come
> back to them (after a day or two).  Is there any way, short of lowering
> the amount of swap available, to control what goes to swap and what
> doesn't?  

No, on a per process basis.

I don't know much about how swap management is handled, but it's pretty
much global on a per page basis. You can influence the memory system by
digging around (and chaning things) in /proc/sys/vm, but again, this is
not on a per process basis, but it's about how aggressive the kernel is
when swapping out things. (But I'm afraid there's not much docs about
what the various numbers mean, so eventually you'll have to read the
kernel code).

Generally: I wouldn't try to keep unused applications in memory, as this
takes memory away from the disk cache. And if you operate with the disk
basically uncached, your system will be *really* slow.

-- vbi

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